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After the harvest we begin to work the fields and maintain the water systems. Leveling the land and preparing the soil is work for the spring before flooding the fields in April.

Rice farming can be likened to breeding livestock, and like livestock, it requires care and daily monitoring. It is essential to adjust the level of water in the rice field in accordance with climate and the vegetative stage of the rice.

In the month of October the rice harvest begins, harvesters on tracks work in the muddy rice fields, cutting and threshing the ears of rice to separate the husk from the grain.

Sowed early may, the rice reaches maturity early October. The plant which is dark green at the beginning of vegetation takes on an amber hue and then bends under the weight of the ears of rice.

Follow the rice culture

Discover the rice-growing cycle. Rice planting through
to harvesting is a full years work.
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